Thanks for your interest in SKP Freethinkers.  We have 68 members in our BOF now, many of whom are active posters in our news group.  Get togethers so far have been locally organized, but there was a small rally in Quartzsite in January.


SKP Freethinkers is exclusively for members of Escapees RV club.  Since you included your SKP #, I'll sign you up in the BOF and send you an "invitation" to join our Yahoo Group in a few minutes.


"Freethinkers" has historical meaning dating back hundreds of years.  Notice that it is one word, and not "free thinkers."  The unifying themes of freethought have been the separation of church and state and the rejection of supernatural belief including religious belief.  Some Escapees have mistaken Freethinkers to mean "no boundaries" or "anything goes" and have consequently been disappointed with our orientation.  So if you're not familiar with the freethought movement, you might investigate it via our news group links or on your own with the internet.  You'll find that except for our membership in Escapees and our RVing lifestyle, our group is quite diverse.


All members of Escapees are of course welcome regardless of their beliefs.

But I offer religious believers a word of caution: This group serves as a place for non-believers to be open and honest with their friends, so some may not find the respect for religion here that they might expect from society at large.


Our Yahoo group serves as our newsletter and is open only to our BOF members.  I encourage group newcomers to "tell their story" of how they came to be members of the BOF and why.  I started with "Howard's Story" back in post #8.  If you peruse our message archives you'll see that many others have followed suit.  So if you would like to post something, it will give the others in the group a chance to see who else is here with us and provide us a glimpse into your unique perspective.  But if you prefer to just lurk for a while, that's fine too.


Our email addresses are a little confusing.  The address I created for the BOF is and goes to just me.  Our news group is and goes to the whole group.  But you need to wait for the invitation to use that one.


Our messages from the last few months tell quite an interesting story.  You might also be interested in our links, and our book reviews under "database."  You can see our BOF member roster under "database" too.  The Yahoo member list isn't very informative.


As you read our message archives you will find countless references to "The Ranch."  "The Ranch" is an SKP Co-op Park in Lakewood, NM where I and 19 other SKPFT members are leaseholders.  When I formed the BOF I recruited aggressively among the people I knew.  But we don't want new SKPFT members to feel that they are outsiders.  It's not a "Ranch" club.


I hope you enjoy your experience with us.


best, Howard Replogle

Founder, SKP Freethinkers