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Subject: Re: [SKP_FREETHINKERS] Re:Thoughts on the group

Pamela wrote:

Too many of us wanting too many different things, from the group, it seems!
I don't know (even want to know) the finer points of structuring a e-group,
but, Howard, is there any way we can set up the group in - well -
categories? I'm not even sure what they should be, but more "permanent"
than Threads - then one could come to the home page and select, for example,
"meeting opportunities" or "politics & atheism" or "Defining ourselves" -
or something along that line. Then group members could access only what
they are interested on a given visit. Your thoughts?


Yes, there are ways to do that. And I just registered the domain name as a first step in that direction. But
there is money and time involved so that particular route isn't going to
happen immediately. But I've previously suggested several easy, and free
intermediate solutions.
Yahoo groups are free and easy to set up. I set
one up for the Ranch Board of Directors and it took me about 10 minutes.
Same with this group. Anyone here can set one up, invite people to join and
away you go
. Even easier is to define an email group in your browser. I
use Outlooks Express and Juno and they're both a cinch to do that with.
Then you send emails to a little group who are interested in a particular
discussion. Dave could set one up. Neil could set one up. You could set
one up. I'm busy with this one!

best, Howard

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